Bob’s Story

A day at the beach can be either relaxing or full of all kinds of outdoor activities. Either way, whether you work up an appetite from sunning or from participating in outdoor water sports, Bob’s Dogs is conveniently located on East Oak Island Drive on Oak Island, NC and is within walking distance of the beach. More than just your typical hot dog stand, our beach food restaurant comes loaded with fun, fun, fun, and good vibrations for customers visiting us at our tropical island-themed eatery.

Bob’s Story: Native to the Kannapolis-Mooresville- and Lake Norman, North Carolina area, Bob Kiser decided to sell his successful trophy and engraving business after 30 years and set out to pursue his dream of living near the ocean—specifically, Oak Island, NC. Not ready to retire, he began looking for work in the area. He quickly realized that there were no jobs available, so he decided to open his own hot dog restaurant.

Now, how do you go from engraving trophies and plaques for 30 years to opening a hot dog restaurant, you might ask. When Bob was 25 years old, he was offered a management position at a restaurant in Mooresville, NC. The restaurant offered menu items such as fried chicken, fresh corn-on-the-cob, hamburgers, seafood, and hot dogs. In fact, he ran a special at his restaurant where you could buy three hot dogs for one dollar! That was value!

After many diving/fishing vacations, Bob, along with his wife Susie and sons Chris & Jason discovered the allure of the Florida Keys.  Their love for the tropical flare and Bob’s dream of opening a hot dog restaurant one day made it an easy decision for him. Since there were no jobs, he would create one, and in fulfillment of that dream, Bob’s Dogs opened for business in April 2010. Out of the middle of a deep recession, a success story was born.

The Restaurant: Upon entering Bob’s restaurant at Oak Island, you will immediately notice the whimsical atmosphere of lighted palm trees, and brightly painted walls decorated with artwork of local artists. Soft sculptures and colorful, stuffed bejeweled parrots will greet you throughout. Songs by Jimmy Buffet or the Beach Boys playing in the background will lift your spirits, and when you step up to the counter to place your order for menu items with exotic names such as a Bikini Dog, Parrot Dog and yes—there is even a Cheese Dog in Paradise, hands-on-owner, Bob Kiser, will be there to greet you.

The fresh squeezed lemonade is to die for. It’s made from only the finest ingredients, and repeat customers swear by it. But our Oak Island restaurant offers so much more than ordinary beach food: we also offer specialty 1/3 pound hamburgers with fresh coleslaw, cool crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes; delectable meatloaf sandwiches on a soft, Kaiser roll; tropical chicken sandwiches with pineapple and fresh condiments; and hand-made salads with purple cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, creamy cheeses and savory croutons.

But let’s get back to the hot dogs: The OKI Dog comes with traditional mustard, slaw, thick beefy chili and sweet juicy onions; The Chubby Dog is for those unafraid to dive into mouth-watering sausage, pungent sauerkraut and tart yellow mustard; The Caswell Beach Dog is a twist on an all-American favorite with bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Yes, there’s so much more to us than meets the eye, or stomach! We invite you to keep coming back to try each item on our menu so you can taste for yourself what a difference real freshness makes at our hot dog restaurant. Our delicious food can be enjoyed in-house or on our fun-filled outdoor picnic table area complete with Tiki umbrellas and tropical atmosphere. If you want to take some great food along to the beach, we’ll get your order ready in a jiff! Bob’s Dogs on Oak Island is only steps away from the beach where you can enjoy fun under the sun with a delicious meal created from fresh, wholesome ingredients.

While you are on Oak Island, be on the look out for our mascot, Buffett the Beach Dog! He has been known to roam the Oak Island and Yaupon beaches on sunny days looking for hungry people to send our way. Enjoy your favorite sandwiches with us all weekend, and come Monday, wouldn’t it be nice to be wasted away again by too many cheese dogs in paradise while looking forward to some much needed changes in attitudes because after all, it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Come in and visit us where a warm greeting awaits you, along with our fresh-squeezed, ice-cold lemonade or orangeade, and delicious food that’s made to order. Our restaurant at the beach offers you the tropical environment of the Florida Keys – only 925 miles closer! And remember, a day at the beach wouldn’t be complete without Bob’s Dogs!  “SEE YOU AT THE BEACH!”

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